Top five picks for your beauty bucket list! (Week 1)

Each week I am going to talk about five beauty products I love and why I think they should be on your beauty bucket list. Without further ado, let me present to you this weeks top five!

1. Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara

I use this all of the time on my clients and it still makes me think WOW every time I use it. Why? Because its like a lash lift in a bottle! Even the shortest, sparsest, fairest lashes, look long and thick with this on. I have to admit though, I have never used the wand it comes with, because I use disposable mascara wands when working with clients. If you have used the wand, let me know if you rate it or hate it!

2. Benefit's Hoola Bronzer

So I have that yellow/grey - "should be tan olive but lives in England and hasn’t seen the sun in a millennium" type of skin tone. Anyone else rocking this look knows how hard it is to find shades and colours that match, compliment or even enhance their skin tone, making it look healthy and warm just like it should! Well just between us, I think I found it, in bronzer form!!

3. Turmeric

Seriously. I’m obsessed. You probably know Turmeric as the main spice in curry, but did you know it is also an anti-aging, antibacterial powerhouse?! My skin used to be so angry and inflamed due to Rosacea (which I will talk more about in another post) but since taking Turmeric supplements it has really settled down! I have also just started using it to make face masks - in hopes it will treat the red marks and scars Rosacea has left on my cheeks! I’ll keep you updated on how I make the mask and what the results are in future posts.

4. The Balm's How ‘Bout Them Apples?

I used to be a little bit scared of using a cream blush but it was totally irrational! I’m in love with this palette, I use it on my clients and it gives the most gorgeous, dewy glow which looks like it is coming from within. The colours are popping and yet so natural looking because the product blends flawlessly!

5. NYX's Wonder Stick in shade Deep

It has hit and miss reviews this one but I think the problem is finding the right shade. The shades meant for lighter skin tones are way too light IMO but the ‘Deep’ wand meant for darker skin tones actually looks great on everyone. I use it for all my clients, even the fairest and it always compliments their skin tone perfectly. Don’t believe me? Check out my work on my page, they are all wearing this product.

So that's this weeks Top Five! Let me know if you feel inspired to try any of the products and if you rate them or hate them!

Antonia xox

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